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I'm Just In It For The Parking
I'm Just In It For The Parking Sick and tired of the long walk? Where's your parking permit? Don't have one? Own the next best thing, your very own special parking permit shirt. Let everyone know just how lazy you really are. Customize & Purchase
What The Feck?
What The Feck? How will you remember the London Games? Stephan had such poise and grace as he hit the water scoring a perfect zero, such failure! The least he could have done was a cannon ball! Customize & Purchase
Sarcasm Is Just One Of My Many Talents
Sarcasm Is Just One Of My Many Talents Sarcasm, it's my middle name. If you don't like it tell someone who cares. I have several other talents but I think this one sets me apart from everyone else. Think of it as my gift to you. Now, don't you have somewhere else to be? Customize & Purchase
I Taught Your Girlfriend That Thing You Like
I Taught Your Girlfriend That Thing You Like Does your girlfriend have a new trick she wants to show you? Beware! I probably taught it to her and boy will you like it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, just don't ask where she learned it Customize & Purchase
Please Tell Your Boobs To Stop Staring At My Eyes
Please Tell Your Boobs To Stop Staring At My Eyes Do you frequently find females getting down right upset at you for checking their chest out? Who's to say you're the party at fault? Maybe HER boobs were staring at you? Customize & Purchase
Your Little Princess Is My Little Whore
Your Little Princess Is My Little Whore What has Daddy's Little Girl been doing? I bet she's been naughty, real naughty. Why don't you ask her yourself and see if she would like to fill you in! Customize & Purchase
Lets Flip A Coin, Heads I Get Tail, Tails I Get Head
Lets Flip A Coin, Heads I Get Tail, Tails I Get Head Do you want Head or Tail? The decision is never easy. All you want is some pleasure, why do things have to be so difficult? Make it official, Heads you get tail and Tails you get head, call it in the air! Customize & Purchase
Sorry... About Your Face!
Sorry... About Your Face! Show some sympathy for the ugly ones because not everyone can have looks like yours! Better yet, just buy the shirt so you don't have to say it to them. Customize & Purchase
I Pee In Pools
I Pee In Pools Ever find a warm spot in the pool? Yeah, that was me! Everyone does it! You're not cool unless you pee in the pool! Get this shirt and tell the world that YOU PEE IN POOLS! Customize & Purchase
MySpace Whore
MySpace Whore How many of your friends on myspace.com are guys? Hell, how many of them do you even know? Men best keep their bitches in check or they turn into MySpace Whores! Tag someone you know as a MySpace Whore before they spread anything they can! Customize & Purchase
MySpace Pimp
MySpace Pimp Give a shout out to all of those shot callin, big ballin MySpace Pimp with all those female friends. They have enough female friends to have a night out with each of them every day of the year and never use the same one twice! Customize & Purchase
Free Breathalyzer Tests!
Free Breathalyzer Tests! Have you been drinking? Are you safe to drive? Find out now with our FREE Breathalyzer Tests. Simply blow on the instrument below and we'll give you your free analysis. Customize & Purchase
What The Duck?
What The Duck? Ever had such a bad day that you just want to scream? If so then this shirt is for you. Let it go, let the world know how upset you are. Customize & Purchase
Happier Than A Queer In A Dick Tree
Happier Than A Queer In A Dick Tree Yes, you heard me right, a queer in a dick tree! WTF? That there queer will be seeing more dicks than he can shake a stick at. Customize & Purchase
You Have Failed Please Die
You Have Failed Please Die Have you ever met someone that was a total douche box? Has their stupidity ceased to amaze you? This design is sure to put them in their place! Customize & Purchase
Know Your Role
Know Your Role Sick and tired of your man dropping the ball? Does he talk back? Does he fail to perform simple tasks you set forth? Let him know his role! Customize & Purchase
Kiss Me
Kiss Me I'm so hot you know you want to kiss me! Shut up and kiss me! Hurry, before my boyfriend comes back! Customize & Purchase
You Must Be 21 To Enjoy This Ride
You Must Be 21 To Enjoy This Ride Are you sick and tired of having to ask your dates for their ID so you can verify this night won't turn into statutory rape? Be sure to wear this shirt on your first date just to clarify things for the young ones. Customize & Purchase
Practice Safe Sex
Practice Safe Sex Sick and tired of trailer trash hitting on you? Can't seem to go anywhere without some asshat hitting on you? Tell them exactly what you think of their offer with this shirt. Customize & Purchase
Save A Virgin
Save A Virgin Where have all the virgins gone? They're an endangered species. Do your part to save them. Save a Virgin, Do Me Instead! Customize & Purchase
No Means Eat Me Out First
No Means Eat Me Out First Have all of the men you've dated recently forgotten to read their instruction manual? I think it's time to remind them just what to do to kick start the night off. Customize & Purchase
Someone Call A Whaaaambulance
Someone Call A Whaaaambulance Do you know someone who does nothing but whine and complain? Someone needs to call a Whaaaambulance and make them STFU already! Show your opinion by wearing this shirt with pride. Customize & Purchase
Who Wants Crabs?
Who Wants Crabs? Nothing gets a party started like a set of party crabs. There's enough to go around so spread your legs and let the crab party begin. So, Who Wants Crabs? Customize & Purchase
Who Gives A Shit?
Who Gives A Shit? Does it really look like I care? I didn't think so. Wear this shirt and you'll be sure to send the message that you just don't care what they're ranting about. WHO GIVES A SHIT?!?! Customize & Purchase
Chick Magnet
Chick Magnet Do women find you attractive? Do they have a hard time resisting your charm? They always seem to want to hop in bed with you? You, my friend, are what we call a Chick Magnet! Don't let them get away! Customize & Purchase
As A Matter Of Fact The Whole World Does Revolve Around Me
As A Matter Of Fact The Whole World Does Revolve Around Me Do people or things tend to gravitate toward you? Do you feel like you're the only one keeping things going or from falling appart? Do you feel like you're the center of the universe? Tell the world that, as a matter of fact, the whole world does revolve around me! Customize & Purchase
Instant Asshole, Just Add Beer
Instant Asshole, Just Add Beer BEER - Social lubricant and liquid courage all rolled into one that helps to remove the friction from the dating process. Cut straight to the chase; tell your mate exactly what kind of person you are. What's that? I can't hear you, can you YELL any louder? Stop slurring your words! Just buy the damn shirt and tell everyone what an asshole you are when you get drunk! Customize & Purchase
This Coupon Good For One Free Ride
This Coupon Good For One Free Ride This coupon entitles the holder to one free ride. Rides subject to my approval. Offer valid in my pants only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No purchase necessary. Expires at midnight. Come on and take a free ride! Customize & Purchase
I'm The Bomb
I'm The Bomb Bring back the old school, you're the mother effin bomb! I can hear your tick, you're ready to explode, count down to detination... 3... 2... 1... KABOOOM! Customize & Purchase
WARNING: May Cause Anal Leakage
WARNING: May Cause Anal Leakage The FDA requires that we now warn people of the risks associated with having sex with a man with a penis as large as mine. Side effects may include abdominal cramps, bloating or ANAL LEAKAGE. Some things just weren't designed to properly contain my giant dick! Customize & Purchase
No One Cares About Your Stupid Blog
No One Cares About Your Stupid Blog Truly, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID BLOG! Your blog looks like shit, it's boring and not a single person cares what you blog about. Enough already take it down or stop talking about it! Customize & Purchase
New Scientific Theory: S=EX2
New Scientific Theory: S=EX2 Breaking News – A new evolutionary scientific theory has been established: S=EX2. We're talking about SEX BABY! Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let's talk about sex! Customize & Purchase
I Hear Voices And They Don't Like You
I Hear Voices And They Don't Like You My voices and I really don't like you! In fact, we think you should take a long walk off a short pier! Now shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of my sight! Take your ugly friends with you too. Customize & Purchase
Varsity Swim Team
Varsity Swim Team My little ones are all members of the Varsity Swim Team. They've been swimming laps since they were born just waiting for the big race. Next up is the 50 meter squirts, swimmers, take your mark. First sperm to the egg wins! Customize & Purchase
Duh... Winning!
Duh... Winning! Take home your own piece of the Warlock, Charlie Sheen! This shirt is BITCHIN! If only this was printed with Tiger Blood, Duh.. Winning! Customize & Purchase
If You Have Something To Say
If You Have Something To Say Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one yet no one wants to her one. What ever it is you have to say, no one wants to hear it so do us all a favor, raise your hand and place it over your mouth! Customize & Purchase
Rehab is for Quitters
Rehab is for Quitters One of life's early lessons is never give up. Why in the world would I quit now when I've become so damn good at it? Practice makes perfect and I would say I'm a seasoned veteran. Quitters never win! Kick back, enjoy another beer and take some pills, you'll feel better, I promise. Customize & Purchase
Fueled By Tigers Blood
Fueled By Tigers Blood Do you long to be impervious to the dangers of addiction? Show everyone that the very Tiger Blood that empowers Charlie Sheen to be the magnificent creature he is also runs through your body. Get Fueled By Tiger Blood or your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body! Customize & Purchase
On A Drug Called Charlie Sheen
On A Drug Called Charlie Sheen Do you bang seven gram rocks? Are you WINNING? If so, chances are you're on a drug and it's called Charlie Sheen. Give everyone fair warning that you're an F-18 bro! Show everyone how bitchin you are! Customize & Purchase
We Killed Osama bin Laden
We Killed Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden may have been the reigning Hide and Seek Champion but on May 2nd 2011, as Obama said, "Justice has been done"! Our most elite forces have taken him down and all you have to show for it is this stupid shirt! Wear this shirt with pride. Customize & Purchase
We Never Forgot
We Never Forgot We said we would never forget! Nobody ever said we had to forgive either! On May 2nd, 2011 we took revenge and eliminated Osama bin Laden. Own your part of the history, Never Forget! Customize & Purchase
Boobs - Great No Matter How You Look At Them
Boobs - Great No Matter How You Look At Them Boobs are one of Gods finer creations. Whether you prefer small tits or large tits, they’re great no matter what angle you view them from. Given attention, every breast is a happy breast! Take the time to show us your boobs so we can appreciate them from all angles! Customize & Purchase